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I needed some machining done to a vintage mountain bike part and received a reference to a shop that did a lot of cycling work and had them modify some parts.  Later I had some additional work done and we kept in touch.  One time they mentioned that they allowed cyclists come in on the weekends and use the machine shop.  I said that I didn't know how to machine and they told me that wasn't a problem.  They ended up teaching me everything I needed to know.

So, a professional machine shop with all it's machines, accessories, and 60 years of machining experience was at my disposal.  Yes!

As far as the Klein tools go, sometime this spring, I should have a guide on how to use the tools to change a headset and bottom bracket.  Come back soon for these photographic guides.

Klein Headset Press
Klein BB Press QR Nuts Fat Bike Fork Mounts
Klein Headset Press Klein Bottom Bracket Press Quick Release Nuts Fat Bike Fork Mounts

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