1990 American Comp-Lite
American Comp-Lite
The 1989 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival was sponsored by American Bicycle Manufacturing of St.Cloud, Minnesota.  They had a display where one could try out their bikes.  I took a Comp-Lite for a spin and immediately liked it.  I was serious enough about riding that it was time to go from a mid-line bike, a 1987 Trek 850 to a high-end bike.  I tried out many different bikes but liked the Comp-Lite better.  When I was in Madison, Wisconsin there was a Klein dealer.  I had heard they were nice bike and gave one a try.  Within two hundred yards, I knew that the Klein it would be.  While I didn't buy an American, I've always had a soft spot for them.  They went out of business in the mid-90's so I missed my opportunity to get one.  In 2005, I saw a Comp-Lite for sale and knew that I had to get it. 

Americans use a slightly smaller tube with fatter walls and aren't quite as stiff as Kleins.  That is a good thing to some and not to others.
They were known for their polished and anodized finishes.  The finish on this one was a little cloudy when I bought it, but after an hour with aluminum polish it looked like a mirror. 

American Bicycle is also known for their very high quality welds.  There are other bikes that have welds of a similar fashion, but few can match these for looks.  Kleins hide their welds by their smooth nature, American's say, "look at this."   Take a look at those welds above.  They're beautiful.

The parts on this bike aren't all unified in the sense they aren't all from the 1990 model year but they're all from the 1990-93 time period.  One thing to note is that the stem is an American stem.  They sure did make some nice stems.


Frame 1990 American Comp-Lite
Fork Bontrager Comp
Stem American 120mm
Bars Syncros Ti
Grips Grab-Ons Mtn-1 (nos)
Cranks White Industries 175
Rear Derailleur XT M737
Front Derailleur XT M737
Cassette XT HG90
Chain HG91
Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-72
Pedals XT M735
Brakes Suntour XC-Pro (nos)
Brake Levers XT M735
Shifters XT M732 7/8 spd. Thumb Shifters
Headset XT M732 1" Threaded (nos)
Saddle Selle Flite
Seatpost Concept 26.8mm
Hubs XT M737/738 32h
Rims Mavic 231
Tire Timbuk2's
Skewers XTR M900

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